Sound Healing - How Does it Work?



 When we are healthy, we are enjoying a natural balance in the body. Healing sound vibration, when applied skillfully, has the ability to recall this balance and restore the vitality of the body. As well as healing the physical body, sound can give you insight about your true nature and purpose in this lifetime.        



Sound Harmonization for groups-

an inner journey with sound

Sound Harmonization is an inner journey with sound, where I use approximately 25 instruments, which are categorized by the pitch, timbre and the natural element of the chakras. We travel from the root chakra to the higher chakras, starting with bass instruments, continuing with percussions, guitar and the flutes, ending with bells and tinkshaws. This music and sound meditation lasts for an hour, during which time you lie or sit on a yoga mat, relax and enjoy the sounds.



Im am giving one to one Tama Do Sound Healing, which is based on the science of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I use tuning forks to acupuncture command points, to balance the meridians in the body. I use singing bowls and instruments, color silks and essences to bring the body and the subtle bodies back to its natural state, balance and harmony.


Healing with Sound -

personal sound healing

with tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, and instruments

Joy of singing workshop! - Inner connection with your voice




Joy of Singing is a fun workshop,  where we explore the voice, how we can by singing and chanting connect to ourselves, and find joy, peace and harmony. With practical examples we open the beauty behind ancient chanting traditions. We explore the basic building blocks of human sound, the vowels. From there we go into sacred syllables, and finally we explore mantras, chants and sacred songs from Hindu, Buddhist, Native American and Western traditions.

"When scientific research, spiritual practice and artistic expression work together, heaven and earth are in resonance."


Fabien Maman 

the Creator of

Tama Do Sound Healing